A Change of Plans

Remember yesterday I had said that I was going to combine all my kournals into one? Well, my mind was changed again today. My friend, Velvetdazzle, was again bored and wanting something to do and she wanted to know if I wanted to have the other journals done as well. I told her to go ahead and help me with the “new” look for my journals and she is now working on my school journal. The combining of journals, after giving it some thought before she had asked me what I would like done, just was not going to be really fit ALL of the journals. I can see my regular daily journal and my spiritual journal being combined here but the other two, my school and story journal just will not fit here very well. I can keep up with all of the journals anyway and if anyone wants to visit them anytime by accient or by word of mouth which would be my mouth. That is the change of plans.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. ccrunner03 says:

    Hey thanks for the comment. It really made feel better. I really like your layout for your diary too. It’s awesome! Have a nice day!


    Protein Jen

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