First Time Today and The Only Time Today

I was going to write in my journal this morning when I had a few minutes at school but I had forgotten my passwords briefly because I had them changed for a few minutes. Now that I have that squared away, I can actually write in my journal now but I am going to have only one journal entry for the 23rd. Anyway, I had left school at 11 a.m., missing my Algebra class because I felt horrible this morning but I had go to go in to see if I would be okay after getting started for my day. sometimes I worry about things for nothing and my health needed to be checked out. At least my kidney counts are fine this month and I can go on with my school days as planned. It does pay to be heathy, doesn’t it? Well, anyway, talking to my instructor this afternoon when I got home from getting my blood work done for the month, and learned that the class just had a test review and I had a short review before I left in the Special Needs Lab at school. When I had gotten my lab work results, my heart was relieved that everything was fine and all the blood work was in the normal ranges, I could go on with my day as usual, and I do feel a little better emotionally. See, I sometimes worry about things for nothing, LOL No wonder my blood pressure was slightly elevated this morning when I woke up. I had worked up something to worry about. I have to go for now and get to studying for a test for math tomorrow and then get ready for my first algebra test Wednesday which I am looking forward to.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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