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My day has been great. When Janessa left this morning, I had the rest of the day to myself except for the few minutes my friend Mark dropped by to show me his new truck and give me a short ride to see how it felt for riding. When I saw the truck, I fell in love with it immediately. It looks goregous for a man;s truck. You probably know where my mind was at the moment, right? WRONG! The color, which I thought was going to be gaudy and displeasing to the eye, but when I saw the truck from a disatance, I just fell in love with that truck. It made his other truck, although I loved the rasberry color, look so rusty and older than it really was to be. I can not say that the truck is really red because it is not red. It does have red in it but not the red color I was expecting it to be. After getting a quick ride around the block, Mark dropped me off at home to my apartment where I was once again alone with my cat Emilee and rested the rest if tthe day watching movies on the Lifetime channel.

It was during the mobie called Texas Cadet Murder I had decided to take a quick bath and get cleaned up for the next couple of days. I had planned on taking a shower this morning while Janessa was still sleeping but i decided to wait it out until evening. I am now cleaned and in my pajamas for the rest of the night and ready for bed.

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