My Night with Janessa

I slept well last night even though i had company all night long. as a matter of fact, both of us went to bed by 11 p.m. and got a decent night’s sleep. we were watching a movie we rented from out Pick N Save store but the movie went over our heads. The movie we watched was the Lord of the Rings, a J.R.R Tolkien story like the The Hobbit. It was, according to the rating, rated PG13 but it surely did not seem such a rating as that! It went over our heads as far as understanding the movie that we did not even finish watching last night and we did not want to watch it again this morning when we were more awake and aware. It had about another hour before it was finally over when we retired for the night. Anyway, I had fallen asleep during the movie and had missed parts of it. I believe that Janessa had fallen asleep during it as well because I remember her waking up and asking me if I wanted to go to bed. I had no idea if I was snoring because she didn’t tell me, LOL I snore pretty good sometimes. LOL

Janessa had gotten here a little before 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon and then we hda decided what we were going to do as far as visiting and eating. We decided to go for a ride for a bit and go for a quick walk, and the go over to her, parents, place to see her Mom and Dad (really stepdad, but this man is the only “Dad” she is going to really know), and then gp for a bite after sundown had finally reached it point. After dinner we went to rent a movie, which was The Lord of the Rings and get some popcorn for a movie snack. Whilel we watched the movie, we did not even understand it, and then went to bed about 11 p.m. and got up by 8 a;.m. and went to have breakfast at Burger King,

That was my time with Janessa last night and this morning. As a matter of fact, she had called about five minutes ago to let me know she had gotten home just fine. Now I have time for myself and it is kind of lonely here agaun.

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