October 2nd is Going to Be Remembered Always

I know this is going to sound strange but it might make sense. On October 1, 1997, my grandma Myra Fox passed away from congestive heart failure, at our city’s hospital. My mom and I were with her when she passed away. She died at the age of 77 a day short of her 78th birhday. My grandma’s death will not be forgotten but her birthday will always be the significant day. I would rather remember a birthday than a death date, but with my grandma, it will be a mixture of both. If my grandma was still alive, she would have been 83 years old today. My mom and I have been celebrating Grandma’s birthday in our mind through memories of previous birthdays spent with Grandma. Grandma Fox has given me some fond memories on her birthday and other special occassions and days. Why I have my grandma’s birthday October 2nd such a significant thing in my life, I have no idea why. My grandma’s death on October 1, 1997 should be more significant than her birthday when her birthday can no longer be celebrated because is not physically here anymore. I think that remembering that Grandma’s birthday is a more postive thing than her a death which had the anniversary yesterday.

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