I just wanted to say you are welcome in regards to the comment left at your diary. I feel that I have made friends at DD and you are one of them. I try not to be harsh to anyone but sometimes I can be but I was not harsh with you at all. What you are going through in your life is normal for a young girl. My brother and sister-in-law have an anniversary this Monday. My brother is a friend of mine indeed but we are very very close, LOL. You take care of yourself now and I love you as a friend always. Anytime you ask for advice or a comment at your diary, I will do my best in leaving advice and giving you comfort. I am a little stale at it, LOL. One time I had given advice to a friend and I got in trouble by this friend’s parent, LOL, and I thought it was the end of ou relationship when it wasn’t/ Since then, I have been VERY careful about giving out advice. i choose my words more carefully or I do not give advice out at all. Hang in there, kid! You can do it! I have faith you my dear friend SoftlyDreaming. You have a good weekend and we will get in touch again real soon and that is a promise worth keeping. Love you!

Love, Kristi

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