October 6, 2002

I really could not come up with a catchy title. sorry about that. Today I will be going to a wedding with Nellie Mom and “G”. Nellie Mom’s nephew “F” is getting married today and “G” and I were invited to the wedding some time back. “F” is marrying a Phillipino (SP?) girl and so there is going to be the custom of American and Phillipino wedding. I have never been to a Seenth-day Adventist wedding before and I do know that there is not going to be dancing at the reception. Anyway, dancing at weddings is no longer something I would do anymore. I can do without the dancing at a reception anyway. For Seventh-day Adventists, dancing is a world made custom and not a custom that is of God. I am so used to going to weddings with dancing but I know that this is going to be a change of pace for me and a change worth experiencing and learning about. I have been an Adventist four years now this coming October 23rd.

The wedding is at 2 p.m. and Nellie Mom might have to go to Cost Cutters in Janesville this morning before we go to the wedding so we are leaving here sometime this morning yet. I am all dressed and ready to go now. Nellie Mom tuned up my hair so it looks great for the day and I am wearing one of my favorite dresses she let me borrow to wear. I am excited about going. I really like Nellie Mom’s nephew very much, too. I am excited for him! He has a daughter named Kristy as well even though the spelling is a little different. Her name has a y and my name has an i.

As far as the wedding goes, I am glad that I have ALL my homework done for the weekend and I can concentrate on the wedding and the people there. It worked out great this past Friday that I spent three hours in the learning lab and got my algebra done that could not be done on Thursday because I could not concentrate due to the loss of a dear friend of mine Christiine. I have to go now. I will have to leave for the wedding in a few minutes. Bye for now.

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