“To Face Her Past”

I do not know WHY I even watched a movie as such as “To Face Her Past”! Still being lost without Christine here now, the movie I watched was about a young woman who found out she had cancer. I teared through most of it but not really cried or bawled. James Brolin, the guy who played Charles in M.A.S.H., Gebrielle ?? (the girl who played in 90210, Tracey Gold, and Patty Duke played real good roles. Yet I teared as I watched the movie even though I saw it when it first aired on television some time back long before I found ou that Christine was ill with cancer. It was one sad movie even though it turned out fine at the end. Boy does cancer really play a role in my life lately. When will I stop mourning for losing such a great friend as Christine? It is SO HARD to concentrate on a lot of things.

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