Update On Christine

It was yesterday morning before I left for the wedding with Nellie Mom I had spoken to one of Christine’s friends named Helen. As I talked to her I had asked her questions that seemed to ease my mind at all what was going on. As we talked I had learned that Christine’s birthday was the Sunday before she died which was September 29th. She said she was going to reach her birthday and surely did. Christine was a fighter to the very end to where she knew it was okay to finally let go. She had slipped into a coma hours before she died so her struggles to live were non-existent at the very end. She had been very ill the last year of her life but to the end she did not give up until it was okay to do.

Answers have been answered finally. I am now on my way to healing and getting over the loss. As I go from day to day I am in a constant reminder of Christine and what she would do if she was still alive in my heart. I wake up every morning knowing that Christine would want me to go on with me life as I havea always carried it. I know she is a constant reminder of what once was and what life is going to be without her around anymore except for my heart. Twenty-five years have been made with Christine and those memories will be recorded as time heals and time moves on for me. It is only a short time that Christine has left her earthly home and it is going to take time to heal the loss. I am working on that right this minute even though I still tear and cry because I miss her terribly.

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