Entry 1

I really do not have any title for this entry so it is Entry 1 at this time. I really was busy yesterday that I did not have a whole lot of time to write in my journals yesterday but did find a few minutes to write in my school journal in the morning before my 9 o’clock class began about ten minutes before. I have been feeling okay yet a little lost after losing Christine to cancer last week. I can not believe that my week has been going slow and fast all at the same time. As a matter of fact, I felt that algebra came and went so quickly that we were having fun in class playing with graphing calculators, LOL. As for the rest of my day, I just did not feel all that comfortable being on my computer too long. I was getting tired. I was able to be home by 2 p.m. yesterday instead of 3 p.m. because of the way time went yesterday. I had lunch with my friend M a little bit earlier than expected because she had finished her Medical Terminology test a bit earlier than she expected. That was good in a way because I wanted to go home early if I could and I was able to. By the time I got home from school, I felt tired and was ready for bed early even though sleep was difficult to find last night. LOL Sleep has been difficult to find lately anyway so what is new.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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