My Day Ends!

<My day has not ended abruptly but it surely has been a fairly good day. I did not leave my apt at all except to go to Nellie Mom's place to get a plate of spaghetti I had forgotten yesterday while visiting with her at lunch and in the early part of the afternoon. I have the plaate 0f spaghetti in my refridgerator ready to be eaten at my next meal tomorrow since I am now full after eating supper. I was not hungry for spaghetti tonight but I will be tomorrow. The spaghetti is very good. It is left over from last weekend's wedding I went to with Nellie Mom and G.

I have been working on my stepfather’s dog page today for a while and I finally have pictures there. I have a brother pup and a sister pup now and I was updating my sister pup’s page to add more pics, and it turned out that I combined the two into one page instead of two pages. You can see the page at>Fkyer and Shadow I hope you can see the page! I worked hard at it…LOL I am so glad that I have somethinig accomplished that is outside of school and my life as a student. Honestly, this semester has been wonderful so far and I have been really enjoying school very much, but being able to do soomething outside of school surely has been a joy this weekend.

Now my day on my computer has ended and I am glad to be done with my day. I am getting tired now and I am almost ready for bed. I will be retiring early tonight since I will be getting up early to get ready for school. It has been a faorly good day all day long even though I have spent the entire day in my apartment except to get a plate of spaghetti. I am ready for my night to come now. Good nigiht and God bless you all!

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Wow, you have been a busy little bee this weekend!! Yuck, sorry about having yur peiod, that bite, thank god I already had mine. I don get cramps or anything, I just get icky feeling the week before and the te first 2 days of it…

    Anyway,waiting to get off work here, I have 10 minutes left, ave a wonderful sunday!


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