Helping a Friend Today

I really do not have a whole lot to say today except for the fact that I had someone comoe today to help me clean my place up, and that it was fairly lazy all day for me. I did not have any classes today so I decided to stay home even though no one was coming to visit me at all except for the early part of the afternoon. I did, however, made a phone call to a friend this morning and found out that she needed to go to the grocery store. As it turned out, this very friend and I got together for a while this morning while she went grocery shopping. My friend Mark helped her out as well as far as transportation and such. My friend Janie, a friend who needed help today got her help and yet she had a good time while being with Mark and me. (Did I say that rght? My friend Janie had to give up her job as a data entry ooerator some days ago and now she is need of prayer for her financial situation. The other day, while we were talking, she had mentioned the thought of having to move. I did not know what to think at those words as I felt silent to those horrible sounding words. I would hate to see her move, but if she has to, to make it in life, then I do understand, but I would hate to see her move because of finances being a problem now that she is not working. I have thought, since last night that she needed some help with something so when I called her this morning and found out what she needed, I could not even think of making feel stranded without food. She needed to go grocery shopping and I did not know howo she was going to get everything she needed in the physical pain she has been in, which has caused her to leave her job in the first place. I knew that she had money from her last paycheck and that her rent has been paid up to a certain point but i could NOT see my friend Janie sitting in her apartment without food. That was going on in my mind all night and I had awakened with that thought knowing she needed some help. Helping Janie this morning made my heart feel warm and comfortable knowing that I did something for someone and not for me. Seeing my friend Janie and soending time with her this morning was something for me but I was doing it all for Janie. The thought of her moving right now is not one of happy thoughts right now. What a friend Janie is. A good one that is.

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