Those Annoying Ads – Opinion Only!

I a so glad that I have a program on my computer that takes most of the ads and makes them invisible to the eye unless I place the mouse cursor on the blue box that says ad in it and see it that way. those ads ae very annoying and sometimes something that gets in the way. You can get this program called Naviscope at Naviscope and put it on your computer. If you are skeptical or wishing not to look into it, that is okay with me really. No pressure here. I know that this program takes care oof those pop ads that occur very often while you are on line going form page to page, website to website, etc…

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1 thought on “Those Annoying Ads – Opinion Only!”

  1. Hear! Hear! Let’s start a revolution! Death to popups! Limits of one advertisement per page! A cool flushing sound when you close an advertisement popup!

    *heehee* Pardon the wishful thinking. 🙂


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