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Do not panic…I am not leaving here. I love it here enough that I do not want to leave. At least at this time I don’t, anyway. My life as a diarist is fun and exciting and meaninigful. I know I am one of thousands of diarists who love to write. I have been here for over two years now and it will be going on three in 2003, and I love it here very much. I know sometimes I write about boring things as well as exciting things, but that is the way I choose to write sometimes. I find writing my thougohts down on any particular day helps lift a burden off my shoulders when my heart is heavy with something that causes me to feel down and depressed and frightened, Yet I am careful about what I write because sometimes I find that what I write about later comes to haunt me, LOL and the burden is back making my heart heavy with something awful right with it. So far, these past weeks, I have not had anything I have written come back to haunt me in dreams or make my days heavy wuth thought outside of school and life itself. Thank goodness.. I’ve also noticed that I have become one of those people who is coming out of her shell in life and not afraid to write about the most private things such as being a woman. Those periods are horrible sometimes!! Kristi smiles. As for my journal entries being read or commented on, I know that I have comments or no comments and that is fine with me. I know that my life is not totally boring and there is some excitement somewhere. I know that I have been a lazy person in the past, but those lazy days are no more. It is always nice to have a relaxing day now and then when school is not in session – like today. I know that my life does not excite everyone and that is fine with me. I write because I want to write and making my thoughts public is my choice and I am not going to change my decision of making anything private, unless I have to for some reason or another. My life as a diarist is great. I love it here very much at this time.

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