Technical Difficulties

Yesterday about 4 p.m., I tried to get online to surf when I could not go to any web page on the net. I called my service provider, Ameritech, and found out that DSL was experiencing technical difficulties with their web broweing but we could get to our e-mail. That was all I could do last night! It was boring but I understood that there was a problem at the service provider end of the internet and not mine. I could connect to the internet but could not go from page to page. My end was just fine. I had awakened at 5:45 a.m. curious if the problem was fixed and so the tech support and I got on line to see if it was working yet. It took a few seconds longer than usual to see the Yahoo main page, but it did pop up this morning and I tried a couple of other pages and I was able to get to them. It feels good to be able to surf the web at this time. Well, anyway, I am up and ready for school now and trying to convince myself to go to school even though I do not feel like going today. Now with the weather changing from Fall to winter, I am seeing my moods shift from one to another like one end of the pole to other. YUCK! Having GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) does not ALWAYS HELP. I am going to school no matter how I feel as long as I am not bedridden. Maybe getting out of here will help me out a lot.

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