It has been a while since I have spoken to my friend Nessy. Nessy and I met at college last semester and we have become fast friends. But for the past three weeks, we have not really spoken to each other because we have been busy with school and work. For the rirst time in three weeks, I heard drom Nessy. I did not call her for the past three weeks because I have been very busy with school. Nessy did ask me in the past if I was mad at her because we have not been talking to each other for a while. She did think incorrectly because I am not mad at her at all. I knew that she was busy with school and work that I have not heard from her for a long time too so I thought that it was for the best for her to get a hold of me when she was ready. I did not feel that I should be calling her at this time. I am not saying that our friendship is gone but it did fizzle out somewhat because we have been busy and going in other directions. I will always be nice to her anytime we talk – that will never change.

Well, Nessy called me tonight and she did not sound too hot. She sounded horrible as a matter of fact. I took her call without hesitation even though I allowed the ph9ne to ring two times before I picked up the phone. I felt sidetracked that her phone call had gone right over my head. She had told me that she had been sick and she might have appendicitis! That woke me up and I jumped out of my reverie for a few minutes. she had told me that she had an appointment in the morning before noon with a doctor and she had to take some stuff before going to bed tonight. You know that chalky stuff! YUCK! Nessy was also telling me that she had been throwing up and did not have a fever and her side hurt. YIKES! I do feel bad for Nessy, that’s for sure! OUCH!!!

Please pray for Nessy (Janessa Ols0n). Thanks!

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