WaIting For Dinner

Okay dokey, I am getting real specific here but I am getting hungry. I am boiling some potatoes for supper tonight and I am getting hungry/ I have a little under twenty minutes left before dinner is fully ready. I am listening to Murder, She Wrote on the television while I wait for time to pass. Right now my world is a little bit boring, LOL. I wish I was still at school but I am NEVER at school real late in the day anyway. The latest I am at school is 3 p.m.. School and appointments are just one of the best parts of the week I guess. Even though I have ben home for three hours since school started, I feel like I have been home for hours and houors and more countless hours. I think, LOL, the daylight’s savings time being pulled back an hour here really affected my mind. Even at school, while an instructor was signing me out for the day in the Learning Lab, I was thinking twelve noon when it was one o’clock, and our original time would have been two o’clock if we did not turn the clocks back an hour. Murder, She Wrote has been one for a half an hour so far and I have not really paid attention to it except by ear. I have been on my computer now, on line, for the past 2 hrs and 30 min now reading e-mails and writing replies to the most important ones, and writing entries at Dear Diary here. I did have a while where I left my place to talk to a couple of people but that it is all I have done since I have ben hom. Not really a boring afternoon at home really…even though I have feel bored. What a life i live sometimes! LOL Well, not knowing how much longer I have before dinner really is ready, I think I am going to go for now. Good bye. I wil write more later. I do, however, have 7th Heaven to watch tonight at 7 p.m. tonight. Good bye for now. “YAWN” LOL

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