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Well, with Halloween coming up on 10/31 I thought I’d write a poem

against it. It is commonly known that Halloween is not just a holiday


fiction, but the occult today still observes it as a festival of

darkness. Seances and human sacrifice can still be associated with


day. The world of spiritualism says that Halloween is the day when the

gateway to the spirit world is the most open. So, on Halloween, we

should not have anything to do with such darkness. We should pray for

the devil to be bound. Actually, at my church I am conducting a prayer

vigil from 8 pm till midnight, on October 31. Anyone near enough to

come is invited to drop in when you can and stay as long as you can.

We’ll be praying for not just spiritual victory, but anyone with a need

is welcome to share it. We’ll also pray about issues of terrorism and

such. The address is 4259 East Snow Rd. Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Those of you too far to come are invited to take time that evening to

pray. This week’s poem I wrote against the observance of this day. It

has a lot of word play, especially on the word, “Boo!”. Instead of

saying “boo” to scare people, we should “boo” the devil in this drama


life to show our disapproval. Enjoy.

Boo (27 October 2002)


Is what is said

On Halloween

When one wishes to scare

Or Confuse

In terrific tumult of frivolous fright.

It brings to the thoughts

Images of ghosts and ghouls

Monsters and madmen

That trouble and terrorize all existence.

And so I must ask

What part should lovers of peace and order

Have with this festival of hollowing chaos?

What place should Heaven’s children of life

Find in demons’ dance of death?

How can the servants of light

Move unequally yoked with darkness

As they play the unholy games of hell?

Should not all God’s people

Amid this drama of good vs evil

Stand up with faith

When Satan rejoices

And boo the devil off the stage?

Oh, come

All soldiers of righteousness

Come to pray

To protest

To proclaim God’s Victory

And frighten the foe with denunciation

As we shout resistance

In Jesus’ Name:


Anyway, the vigil is at the All Nations Seventh-day Adventist


in Berrien Springs. Hope to see as many of you who live near enough.

God bless.

Write soon.

Ray McAllister

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2 thoughts on “A Friend Wrote This…”

  1. Your day doesn’t sound boring to me, it sounds WONDERFUL! I miss the days of never getting out of jammies. Unfortunately, a five year old just doesn’t see the pleasure in it! LOL

    Have a great one (I’m hating the end of daylight savings time too).

  2. I agree with you about Halloween. It bothers me that people dress little innocent children as witches and devils. Of course I realize they don’t know any better, but I do wish we could do away with Halloween

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