A couple of days ago I had expressed my feeling and thoughts about Halloween and even today I am still holding. I think Halloween coulld be done away with and there is no celebration of such a holiday. It is horrible as it is even trick and treating from door to door. when I was a little girl, not denying it, I did enjoy going door to door getting candy and saying “trick and treat?, and being dressed up in my favorite character or person. But I do not care for Halloween anymore. In fact, doing some research on Halloween and how it came about is really chilling and Halloween is definitely a day which should be done away with and not all celebrated. I do not mean to be a horrible sounding person and going against those people who enjoy the celebration of such a day, but Halloween is real spooky and something I wish not to get into now-a-days. It makes me cringe at the idea of kids going door to door getting candy from strangers and neighboros they know or do not know. I do believe that such things like ghosts and gobblins, and witches do exist and it pertains to evil. Halloween is based on satanic, evil background when Halloween first came about. I woonder, all the time, why people would want to celebrate such a day as Halloween if it pertains to evil and satanic rituals. Before allowing your children to go out and trick and treating door to door, please learn about Halloween. It might make you cringe and change your mind. It is not all fun and games.

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