Trying to Find the Right Words!

Finding the Right Words

I do have to admit that I can not find the right words today, LOL. When I had written the first entry of the day, I was writing about a particular someone who happened to be in the same room as myself, and I was feeling very uncomfortable. I then deckded to delete the entry and start all over again, so please excuse me for deleting an entry. Anyway, the title was a little bit off with the words I had written in the first place. Anyway, writing about that one person, with her sitting behind me facing the other direction, made me feel very comfortable. I think I will talk about that situation another time.

The Phone Keeps Ringing!

LOL, the phone has been ringing off the hook since I have been home from school and running errands, and believe me, I wish “some” people would leave a message at my voice mail! That would be considerate of those who do call. My ex-roomate, who I am now having difficulties again that are personal issues, tells me that the number is not right on the voice mail that she did not leave a message. I call my own number and get the voice mail and the number I hear is my own number, and I am finding my ex-roommate a liar now. Come on!


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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