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Church and Potluck

I go to church on Saturdays and so I went to church this morning. A neighbor came and picked me up for Bible Study, which we call Sabbath School, so I would not miss the study time with the pastor and other members of the church. After Sabbath School, I went to the Worship service and the Pastor was speaking on “Stewardship” this morning. It was a very good sermon and it really opened my eyes and I am still thinking about it. AFter church, we had potluck. I had baked some bread for today’s potluck and it was so good. After potluck, the Pastor and his wife brough me home where I rested and took a nap and decided to get on line for a while. It was a good Sabbath day. The weather was beautiful. The weather had a little nip to it but it was comfortable and the sun was out all day until the sun set at 4:30 p.m..

My Day in general

I did have a good day. I do not think the nap kind of threw me off a bit but I think I will be okay. I am awake and clear minded. I can tell you that my fouton is VERY comfortable at times and other times it is not. LOL

talking to others onlin this evening

It is going on 7L30 p.m. Saturday night here in WI, and I just got done chatting with another diarist named “ADM”. We chatted for a while this evening about the disabled and politcs. I rarely talk about politics with others because of the harshness some people think of such, but “ADM” and I had a real good conoversation going on politics. I, as a person with a disability, do complain about things as far as politics is concerned as well as fight for the rights of the disabled and such, and always we have to take oour concerns to people who run in office that relate to the government. I do have to admit that I was once one of many people yet today, who did not take an interest in politics but lately I have been getting into politics a little more stronger than years ago. I am probably taking the politics into more interest because it can affect my life as a citizen in the United States.

Just Thinking of Things…

As far as politics are concerned, I think that the negative ads and downing the running parties for votes is simething I do not care for really. That is the part of the politics I do not care for really. Whoever gets into office will prove to do well or not well later on and that is the way it seems to go. My friend Mark wishes that those who are runninig for office such as Governor or Senate would stop bashing their opponents and sit down and talk about the issues and see what really is the problem. I have inclined to agree 100%. My friend Mark is right in my eyes. I think those negatie ads about each party could end.

Time to Go

I have run out of thought, LOL I am also getting ready for bed and it is kind of late. As far as time goes, my body is still saying it is going on 9 p.m. even though it is going on 8 p.m. now. My day has started out great and fine, and it is going to end the same way. emilee just came out of hiding, LOL, to show me that she is still around.


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