Entry 1

A Bundle of Nerves

Ok…this is it. I am a bundlle of nerves this morning. I will be seeing someone this afternoon for lunch at a nearby restuarant at 12:30 p.m., I have not seen this person in a long time. The last time I saw this person, a man, was on October 16th at a board meeting dinner for IDS (Independent Disabilities Servces). We chattted briefly, yes, and we have exchanged telephone numbers, and I am willing to give a second change. But I have a feeling that all this man does is base our friendship on religion and religion alone. That is scary. I feel that friendship is NOT based on just religion and religion alone. People are around believers and non believers a like and we associate with many of either the believers or non believers.

I have asked him not to talk about religion

Ok…I did call my friend who I am having lunch with at 12:330 p.m. and I asked him if we not talk about religion because we end up arguing about what is written in the Bible and what is not written in the Bible. Weare still having lunch but we will see if he will heed dto my not wanting to talk about religion.


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