My Day

My day today was great!

Although my day was slightly on the long side, I had a great day. I got a lot done at school today and I am very happy with my accomplishments as well as my “to do list” had everything checked off “DINE” With it being 5 p.m. now, I am kind of tired and ready for my evening to close with a goiod sleep in mind. I hope I sleep well tonight, anyway. I have been falling asleep with the television on lately, LOL

Ex Boyfriend Called Earlier

I did expect a call from my ex boyfriend “D” or from my friend “M” but the call in itsellf was not expected really, The conversation between “D” and I was something I somewhat expected by the outcome of it, NOT expected whatsoever. I knew that the relationship “D” was in would not have lasted long for many reasons but the fact that he wants to find another girlfriend by surfing the internet. I wish, as friends “D” and I are today, that “D” would not even get involved with anyone on line but then again I can not control him and only ask him out of kindness and loving friendshiop to be extremely careful and I was very much promised that he would be careful. Just the thought of my so-called relationship with a man on the internet going sour over a year ago now, makes me remember what a jerk that man really was as well as a liar and a cheat. Oh boy, I hope “D” is CAREFUL! I WOULD NEVER GET INVOLVED IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN ON THE INTERNET AGAIN and that is a PROMISE and nothing more.

Time to go.

I know I did not write much this evening but I have to go. I am getting tired and I am now getting ready for bed. Nothing much is going on right now anyway and I am a little bit too tired to do much more of anything. Anyway I had a GREAT day and I am happy of the outcome my day ended even though bed time is a bit off yet. I have to watch tonight’s episode of 7th Heaven tonight! Gotta run now. Bye…


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