My Evening Thoughts Before Retiring For The Night

With time so close to bed, I thoought I would write a quick entrie – the last one for the night. Now that I think about it, my mind is sifting through the entire day and what happened all day long. All of my thoughts have been on the Halloween subject most of the day. I had spoken to a friend on line – the fun part of MSN messenger is having voice conversation as well as instant messaging with someone – for a few minutes tonight and she a friend who was taking her kids out trick and treating. That practically made my skin crawl uncomfortably as I heard those words. Later, after trick and treating, I had spoken to that friend, and she was talking to me how the kids were dressed for the holiday celebration, and I wanted to crawl underneath the table but I kept talking with this person and tried very hard to divert the concversation to somethingelse, which actually worked. As I sit here, I am glad to know some people do not celebrate the Halloween holiday beca/use they know the origin of evil behind the holiday itself. A diarist had commented saying that she does believe that witche and other evil aspects of such a day as this, and I surely do believe that such exists as well. I am also glad that this diarist wishes that they would do away with Halloween as well. I am so glad that I am not the only one.

I am sorry that I have been talking about Halloween f0r the past couple of days but it has been on my mind lately. Now I can let it rest now that Halloween is over and November is coming shortly. I can go on with my life as far as Halloween goes – until next year that is.

What a day this one was! I have A LOT of entries written today and a lot of words going across the scren. DO I EVER LOVE WRITING IN MY JOURNAL! I love it here.

Now it is time for to sign off and soon sing in my dreams – unless it is a dreamless night for me tonight. It is going on 9 p.m. and I am into a fairly good movie tonight. Good night and sleep tight everyone!

Thanks for your comments now and then everyone! BYE!</font.


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2 Responses to My Evening Thoughts Before Retiring For The Night

  1. AnneOakley says:


    I love to use different fonts and its fun!

    Have a good day!


  2. IamNina says:

    I totally agree with you about Halloween. We don’t celebrate it at all, and I’d love to see it done away with. So many folks think that witches and devils are just make-believe, but I believe they exist and are very dangerous.

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