Just Gabbing Away Tonight

Took a Break

I decided to take a break from writing in my journal this weekend from Friday to Sunday. It has turned out that the weekend off from wirting in my journal has a wonderful break. I tihnk it was needed. Anyway, I had a good weekend filled with activity and things to do. I had company yesterday for a few hours and all my friend and I did was talk and enjoy each other’s company. It just seems that my Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are filled with something to do and boredom does not play too often on the weekends.

Depression or not Depression?

Okay…for the past few days I have wanted to cry and cry and hidea way from the darkness I have experienced since the sun does not shine very often. The weather has gotten more chilly and winter is definitely coming this way now sothe sun shines a brightness that blinds me even through blinds that are closed to prevent me from being blinded. On Saturday, all morning long, the sun shone through the blinds, which were closed, shone so brigntly that I was blinded and could not see the computer screen very well. LOL It was a beautiful day all day long though. It was a fine Sabbath day here in Wisconsin.

Anyway, to get back on the reason for writing this entry, I am wondering if I have depression because I have been crying a lot lately especially when I wake up from sleep. I just wondered earlier today, when I got hoome from school, if I have been having dreams at night I do not know i am having and waking up crying. Soomething is going on but is it depression? It could be and I am not going to sweat it. I have been very busy and happy going to school this semester and doing well. Who knows. I am going to pray about it and see what comes about in answer soon.

A Warped Door

I did not expect the maintance man to come today to look at my bedroom door and put WD40 on it, but as he lookked at it, it is warped from the years since this building has been built. I can not shut the door and latch it and sometimes it will latch. Someone, with more expertise will be looking at my door sometime in the future.

Time to Go

I may not be going to school tomorrow but I do have an appointment with my counselor tomorrow at noon and I have homework to do before it gets late in the day. I think I am going to sign off for the night and try to get back sometime tomorroow after doing my homework. I have a busy week this week and I am going to school on Thursday.

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