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My Appointment With the Counselor

I do have to damit that I did not hide anything from my counselor as we had our session this afternoon. I actually told him about the crying these past few days and he seemed to be understanding. We both think that I have SAD, which is something I expected to hear some time ago. I hate winter weather pretty much other than being cold and grey.

My Afternoon After the Appointment

My afternoon was not at all lazy. I did some reading, at the appointment while I waited for my counselor to call me in and when I got home froom the appointment. I also, getting fed up with my medication bottles being in a messI straightened out my medications and threw old bottles away. The top of my microwave looks better. I also took a bath because I felt dirty and gross and my hair was getting oily. I did some more reading before my friend Janie called me and we chatted for a few minutes. I also bought supper and had it delivered tonight. Now I am feeling refreshed and comfortable and awake. I am going to a special program in the community room tonight at 6:30 p.m. so my cleanliness is so very important tonight. My hair is washed and I am bathed with good smelling bath gel, and I am dressed for tonight.

A Quote Given To Me Today

“Mental Illness is the pursuit of reality at all costs” —-M. Scott Peck

(Counselor gavem me this quote today.

Off For A While

I am going to sign off for a while but I plan on being back later tonight after I get back from the community room I have a half an hour before it starts and I have other things to do before I go to the program and anyway I am running out of words and thoughts. Anyway I am back to writing without feeling lost for words. YEaH!

Have a good evening until then…bye for now.

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