Some Words Before I Reitire

Before I Retire

Other than the fact I had to vent earlier today, I did have a good day all day long. It was lazy and relaxing of coourse and I watched television all day long and took a bath about 5 p.m. so I could have my hair dry before going to sleep. No company all day long which was something I really enjoyed. It was quiet and peaceful all day long. The phone rang only three times so far and yet I ama waiting for my mom in NM to call me but it is yet too early. Anyway, I am getting tired so bed should not be a problem tonight. I just hope I do not fall off the bed again like I did late Thursday night. That was a great big crash and it scared me out of my wits – in other words woke me up out of a sound sleep. I was embarrassed.

The Santa Clause Spelling is correct… I am watching the Disney movie Saanta Clause movie and it is halarious and amazing at the same time and I have oougrown Santa Claus years ago. It is a cute ovie no doubt but it is yet delusional to some degree. Does the North Pole really exist? I do not know.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Before Christmas can be thought of, Thanksgiving comes first. Thanksgiving Day is coming in a few days and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Day – whether I spend the day with Emilee and myself alone or spending the day with dinner with one of my friends from Teamster Manor Apartments. Christmas is not that far away now but I have to go through one day at a time before Christmas comes about. As far as Thanksgiving is concerned, I know it is a pagan holiday like Easter and Christmas, but I do have some things I am thankful for as far as life in itself, God’s Truth, Friendship, Love, Family and Friends, a beautiful place to live, and so much. Even though Thanksgiving is a pagan holiday I still celebrate with family and friends. Please do not allow my opinion bother you,

Time To Go NowI am going to sign off for the night now. Good night

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