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A Good Night’s Rest

Ahhh! Last night I had gotten a good night’s rest because I felt refreshed when I had awakened fifteen minutes earlier than my alarm clock would have gone off this morning. I even was awake during my two classes for a change of pace and taste for a Monday morning. I DID NOT FEEL GROGGY AT ALL this morning when I had awakened from a good night’s rest. It is ABOUT TIME! Good…

My Afternoon

I decided to stay at school until 1 p.m. this afternoon and I am glad I did. I got some studying done and I am very happy about that. I actually studied Unit 13 of BS math and also studied a wee bit of algebra where I was having some minor difficulty. You can find a wonderful math website at A Math Website I have been studying the math there outside my algebra and basic skills math and I have been having loads of fun learning and studying. Sometimes even at 7 p.m. at night and beyond I have been finding myself at Math Max’s website and working problems out. Today, at school, I decided to print out some exercises for me to study and learn and understand and I have quite a few pages of fun to learn. YEAH!

My Afternoon At Home After School

I did a couple of things that were needed to be done and I am excited that my afternoon tyrned out wonderful even at home. I visited with Nellie Mom for a while with another tenant in the office and then came back to my place and have been relaxing ever since.

That pretty much ends my day…but right now I am listening to the last few minutes of a history program about Ronald Reagan. The program is called Ronald Reagan: A Legacy Remembered and I am really enjoying this two hour documentary even though I missed the first forty-five minutes. Anyway, I do not think that my day is done yet – even when midnight rolls around. LOL

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