The Need To Vent

Is This The First Time

Okay, this might be wrong, but I am not sure, is this the first time I have vented? If it hasn’t, it has been a long time, LOL Anyway, I need to vent today. EEEK!


I am getting tired my friend thinking that I am avoiding her and I am tired of her talking negatively all the time. It is finally taking a toll on me. I know my friend has some issues to deal with and she has been physically ill lately but her negativeness is getting to me. I think she needs more help than I can give her at times. I will love this friend and I will not avoid her or make her feel abandoned. I can not do that, but how can I tell this friend that she needs to stop changing her e-mail address all the time. I know she is insecure about some things but she needs to grow up more to see that I am trying to help her and that I will not abandon her since I know what it is like to feel abandoned and I know what it is like to be avoided. I have been busy with school and she has been off and on there as well and I have not been avoiding my friend. I have been busy with school and my life and anyway she does not call me herself. If she thinks I am avoiding her, why does she not call me to talk to me about it instead of assuming that I will call her. I do have a life outside my friends. Am I beginninig to crack here?

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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