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Dear Friends…

IamNina and Paulette

I would like to thank you both for your comments to my “turkey disaster”. I appreciate the comments greatly. I personally thought that 100 degrees was not high enough because of the germs and the ickies that come along if something is out in the open too long and not refridgerated, etc… 100 degrees does not seem high enough to kill what spoiled our turkey during the night. I am glad that we had back up from the Salvation Army in our city. I was embarrassed, yes, but te spoiled turkey did not spoil the rest of my day although I did want to find out why it spoiled over night. Anyway, Thanksgiving Day is passed now and I have a weekend of enjoyment, studying for a test, and relaxation with my cat Emilee. I will be glad to go back to school Monday morning, that’s for sure! School is in the future, YES!

I do know that 250 degrees is a lot better than 100 degrees and so the chances of the turkey spoiling over night in the oven will less greater than at the 100 degree temperature. My friend and I are going to buy a turkey from our Pick-N-Save store sometime soon and prepare it correctly the next time and have it for a weekend as our Sabbath enjoyment so we do not have to cook anything during Sabbath hours one weekend. It will be fun then, too.

The turkey disaster happened because of something being done incorrectly. The turkey “bird” was a freebie from our ECHO in our city but I do know it cost them some money. Again, the “bird” was not eaten. It was eliminated from my kitchen as soon as my friend who shared my Thanksgiving with me this year smelled it and it smelled icky. We did not even finish cooking the bird! It was dumped immediately into the trash bins outside our building.

Again Thank you for your comments about the turkey gone bad. I am glad to have heard from you both. Have a good rest of the weekend. Bye for now.



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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Well I’m sorry that your turkey day was good anyway. Sounds like the turkey disaster really was a disaster. Sorry about that!! Have a good weekend though!


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