More Entries!

I have to smile right now because I have not written so much in one day for a long time, SMILE. I have had a lot to say today, tonight, and now. It is now past 11 p.m. and I am listening to a movie in the livingroom behind me. What a night this is. Cool!

The New Desk

I do not know if I really mentioned the fact that I got a new desk the other day. If I did, I did not really write about it because I was so excited and happy about getting a good desk for half the price of the original cost by a neighbor who no longer has his computer. I have decided to describe it a bit here. It is in a corner of my apartment – in the living room and now my television is behind me instead of beside me. I have to turn completely around in order to see the television. The desk is fairly big but everything I have fits on the desk as far as the compuer goes. The monitor is no longer so high that it strains my neck to nothingness. I can actually look straight ahead and read what is in front of me! I have a place for my printer, my tower, my monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and DSL modem. I also have a filing cabinet which did not come with the desk. I also have a place to put my disks and CD for the computer, my paperwork/bills, pens and pencils, and water glass. The desk has given my livingroom space which I did not know I had, LOL. The desk is a nice accent to the apartment and I know I can use a nice desk like this for a VERY LONG time. My place does not look messy anymore! Thank goodness for that!

Just Remembering Something

I have this friend who lives in Dodgeville, Wi, and I just remembered something about her just now. She had told me last month, ,when we chatted, that she would cal me on Thanksgiving Day, and my very friend did just that. Just remembering her promise to keep that appointment, made me smile just now. I am sorry, LOL, for the abrupt ending of the last entry! SMILE…

Time to Go

I am going to sign off now. FINALLY. Good nigh!

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2 thoughts on “More Entries!”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    I’m sorry about my swearing, I should really stop, I’m trying to cut down and well, its jsut when I get REALLY angry and stuff I can’t help it, and I should learn how to control it. Well I’m sorry…

    I’m sorry about you friend. Sounds liekto me when you try to contact her and then when you dont and she says something about it, I think she’s just craving attention, but then when he gets it, she tends to push everyone away and try to make them believe she doesnt need you, but you know she needs helps and stuff. I used to be the same way…

    Well have a good weekend and week


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