My Evening Here At Home

The Call From Nellie Mom

Nellie Mom has been having troubles with her ankle since she had surgery on it on the 19th of November. Now Nellie has an infection in her ankle and it is real bad. Anyway, I had asked her to call me sometiime today and she promised me she would. I knew that she would have been home all day long taking care of her ankle and staying off of it as doctor ordered. I waited patiently for her phone call all day and by dinner time anyway, she did call…after she had gotten back froom her appointment this afternoon regarding her ankle. The news of her ankle is not yet good news. The doctor took a needle and pulled out so blood and puss right out and they are sending it in to find out kind of infection is growing inside her ankle. Anyway she held to her promise and called me this evening and I had waited all day for it.

More later…after 10 p.m.

Have a movie to watch now.


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