Pulling a Late Night Tonight

A Quiet Night

I know it is late and I should be in bed right now but I thought I would pull a late night tonight to even out my sleeping pattern so I can go back to school a day after tomorrow. Thanksgiving break is almost over…FINALLY! It is a quiet night tonight. I do not know what all my neighbors are up to this Saturday night but I know that quite a few of them are probably snoring and sound asleep. Me, I am still awake and on this machine of mine that has given me a fine year so far. I have had my computer for a year and seven days now. Cool, huh? Anyway, I am pulling a late n9ght tonight. Tomorrow is the beginning of studyung again for algebra and basic skills math, and college reading.

Looking at the End of the Semester

School will be out for the semester of December 21 – January 13. I will be returning to classes on January 13, 2003 after classes are finished this sesmester, I am beginning to feel the pressures of the last days of classes and so on. I do not know what to think right now. I think tomorrow is my last day of socializing with other people until classes are finished f0r the semester. I have been doing great so far and I am planning on doing great to the end. I will NOT give up now or EVER to be VERY HONEST with you. I have been busy with school and classes that writing in my journal at my school diary will be put off untill next semester, okay? I will make that know tomorroow in my school journal.

A Yawn Coming On!

Of course, with it being late, a yawn is now creeping up on me! LOL

Chatting With a Dear Diary Member Tonight

Tonight, at this late hour, wanting to stay awake a wee bit longer, I am chatting with a Dear Diary member at MSN. I always look forward to chatting with velvetdazzle whenever we have a chance. She seems like a nice girl. In fact, she is the one who has designed my Dear Diary journals off and on because I needed a change. She did a fantastic job and it happened everytime she worked on my Dear Diary look. When we chat, we chat about many things. We chat about life and everything that comes along with the territory of life. We do not chat very often right now because we can not always catch each other on line at the same time. When I do catch her online, it is always a fun time. I think of her as a kind hearted soul with feelings like everyone else, a person with a helpful nature that can not be mastered but by her. When people are helpful, they are all helpful in their own unique way, and that she a pleasant person to know. Sometimes we do not talk for days or weeks but that is okay.

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