Moody Now

I do have to admit that today has proven to be one of those days. I wanted to cry, laugh, be happy and sad all at the same time, and believe me, it is just a big pain. I do not know what to think right now really. I was worried about my surrogate Mom Nell all night long because her line was busy all night long and morning. I came to find out, when I returned home from church and potluck that Nellie Mom’s phone was out of order and that is why I kept getting the busy signal tone. I was a little frigihtened at first – knowing me I scare easily at times and this not being able ot get a hold of her was one of those times last night and this morning. Anyway, I found it a bit of a relief when she told me that her phone was out of order and it needed to taken care because she was able to get a good rest for those hours the phone. She rested from 4 p.m. Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon about 12 noon. I thought that was pretty cool and anyway Nellie Mom needed the rest. I know I would’ve taken advantage of the opportunity and I would not have to turn the phone off the hook or shut the phone off period. Anyway, I am still moody. Figure that one out. I HATE being moody!

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