The Surprise, Carolers, & Shock

The Surprise

This afternoon about 2 p.m., the tenants of Teamster Manor had a surprise come to their doors. We had a tenant who died earlier in the year and today her friends and family gave us a surprise of Christmas meal package. That was the surprise as well as a thank you from the former tenant’s familly and friends. The Christmas package consisted of a white meat turkey rosat, a can of corn and beans, and two cans of fruit cocktail, a ho-ho, two candy canes (cherry flavored), and a box of mashed potatoes. That was our Christmas surprise! WOW!


This evening, we had carolers come and sing us a few songs. It was beautiful! It really made my Christmas spirit pick me up. Also, I knew one of the carolers which made it more special

The Shock

As I was talking to Nellie Mom about the Christmas surprise, she told me that one of the tenants had died in his sleep while he was at a friend’s house. My mouth dropped to the ground practically. A family this Christmas is going to be without a brother, an uncle, a son, and cousin. Just five days before Christmas! It is not fair!!! He was only 37 years old. The whole building is in shock.

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3 thoughts on “The Surprise, Carolers, & Shock”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    That was nice of them to get you guys that nice dinner. Oooo carolers, we never get carolers in neither places that I live, I’ve seen it on t.v., just not in person.

    I have mixed feelings during this season too. I would rsther be with the family I love and have a good time and I think being with them IS a gift, but then, have the feeling of guilt if I dont get someone something, so often enough I spend the money I have on the people I care about most.

    Hope your week goes well


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