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Not much is happening right this minute but I did chat with my friend Beth on Yahoo tonight for a while. Today was a good day. About eight o’clock this evening, I felt the lateness of the night when really timewise it was not at all really late. I hate daylight savings time…yuck! When time springs forward again, I will be much happier. Anyway, I had a good time chatting with Beth. I hope she feels better soon as our conversation was cut off because she got to feeling crummy. I had the flu some time back and I am glad I am over it now. I had no choice really…I had school to finish up and now I am waiting patiently for my grades to arrive or be seen on line. i think, now that it is going on 9 p.m., I am going to say good night and come back tomorrow.

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  1. Christmas on the farm sounded wonderful! It reminds me of those Norman Rockwell type Christmases!

    I’m glad you had a good one (and survived the "Lock out")! LOL

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