Time With My Friend Richard


I had gotten a call from my friend Richard this morning saying that we were going to go out for breakfast this morning. We went to Perkins and had the same brunch of two eggs with cajun steak on english muffin, hashbrowns, and cranberry muffin. He had coffee and I had chocolate milk and water with lemon. Breakfast was delicious! It was tasty and so good that I know what I am going to order again when I go to Perkins for breakfast again..that’s for sure…YUMMY!

Shoppin’ at the Goodwil Store

After breakfast at Perkins, Richard and I went to the Goodwill store to look around. I found a platter with a New Mexico map on it, and a electric can opener. He bought a shirt, a lamp with a shade, a tray/platter, a cutting board-plastic, a sink board, a telephone, an AC adapter, and some pan and pot covers, and a silver tray. We had looked at tapes and CD’s and books as well but it was not to my taste of items after a while. We spent an hour and a half in the store and found some neat bargains…that’s for sure! I like the store enough to get what I need if it is there. The only thing about any store like the Goodwill or thrift store, is you are not always sure if things work properly after purchase but I guess that is a risk you have to take. I do not always like shopping in those kind of stores unless I really have to but this time I found something I could use – an elelctric can opener, which does work fine for me. I tried it immediately when I got home and plugged it in and opened up a can of fruit cocktail. It worked fine anyway.

Richard’s “New” Car!

We had to be back in time for him to watch a football game, which is somethiing I am not interested in really, I did, with the time allotted, we had a good time together. It was our first venture gallabatting around because he had just bought a real nice car from one of our neighbors here in the building who is going to move out soon. Richard likes to be mobile and be able to get around so when he bought the car, he promised me a ride as soon as he could get his “old” car fixed or get a “newer” one. His “old” car is not yet totally fixed but since our neighbor was selling his car, Richard plunged into business and got the car for $2000. It is a Grand Marquis (Sp) The car itself is over ten years old and is in great shape. The previous owner, Arlin S. and his wife Dorothy, really took good care of it! It’s in GREAT shape and real nice. Anyway, it runs nice and it is big and spacious and Richard is a careful driver. Never ride in a vehicle without wearing a seat belt today. It is not safe! It is dangerous…and we got home safely without any troubles getting to and from place to place.

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