January 1, 2003

Just like every year, the new year begins on January 1, ???? and then we start a whole new year. A lot of people make resolutions, but not me. I ALWAYS end up breaking the New Year’s Resolution ordeal anyway. I did not make any resolutions this year except to do well in school/college as I have done this past semester. I also have been trying to lose weight which is difficult because of medication and the lack of exercise due to limitations. What a life! Oh well, who cares…I do have some prospects anyway.

Today has been a fairly good day. It is cold outdoors but not a normal winter cold. It is a little bit warmer than that. My friend Mark and I went over to see our friend Janie today who has been dealing with a lot of pain in her joints and is having a lot of trouble getting around now a days. After we visited with her for a while. Then I came home and found Nellie Mom and our good ol’ friend Greg taking down Christmas decorations from the holiday and so I helped as well. There was only four of us helping taking dowon the decorations but soon Greg sat down to watch a football gake and our maintenance man could only do so much, so Nellie and i finished it up in good time – even though it took a while. Then I came up to my place and cleaned out two cupboards in my kitchen and relaxed a bit. I did not turn on my compuer until 6 p.m. and even at that time I was really debating on getting on my computer at all but I decided to do so for a while anyway, I had to start out the new year with an entry anyway.

Now it is a quiet time. Emilee has been napping in the bedroom for a while now and so I have not seen her for a while to give her her wanted attention. It has been good and quiet here. I even took a short nap unexpectedly earlier this afternoon after my two projects were done. Boredom has definitely set in. So it has been a fairly good day all day long. Yeah!

I think now I am going to sign off and get ready for bed. I know I will be getting together with my friend Nana tomorrow morning and early afternoon. We have a couple of errands we want to do together and then we are gping to get a bite to eat at Applebee’s Restuarant for lunch and then we might get some last minute grocery shopping for me. I FORGOT to get butter/margarine, salt, bread, and garbage bags when I went shopping the other night wheen Richard and I got together for the day. I think I am going to say good night for now. Good night friends! Bye…

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