I Screwed Up, LOL

This is so funny…here I was writing in my journal today and when I write in my journal at a certain time, I find myself sometimes having to go by the time according to my clock. It is going to be 11 p.m. in about four minutes from now and so it is still December 31, 2002 man made time. When I had written in my journal a few minutes ago, I changed the day and month but NOT theyear! I had written in my journal all right but I was a year ahead of myself, LOL That is the funny part. So here I am, writing yet another entry, telling you of my wonderful mistake (being a year ahead of myself) and fixing it to the right day, month, and year 2002. It will be 2003, man made time in an hour now. It is now 11 p.m.. YEAH! Am I going to make to midnight…??? Well, good night for now and I will be back tomorrow. Good night y’all!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. DirtyDiana says:

    I know how you feel. I feel as if this is just another day-I’m at work. Blah! Husband works overtime tomorrow 2. So can’t really do 2 much. Just easily roll into ’03. Happy New Year.

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