The Day Has Begun

My day had begun a little shortly before 8 p.m.. Still groggy at that hour, my Emilee Cuddles just would not stop getting my attention about something, LOL I kept closing my eyes and Emilee’s paw kept pawing my shoulder to keep me awake and her meows of needing something was going on in my head at the same time. I figured that I had a real good alarm clock. Good ol’ girl, Emilee Cuddles!

For some odd reason, I feel that my world today is just plain lazy! I am still in my pajamas and I am not in any hurry to get out of them and dressed for my day. Not a thing is happening today. No appointments to go to until Thursday and even Thursday seems so far away but really only three days away and time dooes go by fast when you least expect it. My day has begun, even though lazy is in today, LOL

I have a plan…clean off my bed in the bedroom. The bed has a lot of clothes to put away and my suitcase from my vacation this Christmas holiday needs to find a special place so I can use it for school again this semester.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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