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I know I said I was tired and it seems late, but I am not yet writing my thoughts yet, LOL. With the time being before 9 p.m. here in Wisconsin, the time alone seems later than that. My phone has not rang since dinnertime so that is a nice quietness. The toilet, mentioned earlier today, is no longer running every five minutes for five seconds so it’s quiet in my apartment now. With the toilet running in the past, the quietness is almost deafening – if that makes sense right now. It doesn’t really make any sense to me at this time because I am so tired. Maybe now with the toilet being silent now and working properly, I can get the sleep I have somewhat missed in the past three weeks and soon I can get caught with the sleep lost – I hope so anyway. SOmetimes I wonder why in the world I even write in a diary…when my life is so boring and not full of activity much. i am such a lazy person when it comes to school not being in session. I lead such a boring life now-a-days. I am not feeling sorry for myself whatsoever…I am telling nothing but the truth. Anything I write in a diary for myself or for other readers can be understood or misunderstood. I take a risk at writing my personal thoughts here. Anyway, I have been here at DD since March of 2000 I believe – now I am not sure of the timing and I plan on staying here. I really like it here very much. My life is not always boring – it does have some neat moments in time too. I am like everyone else who writes at DD. It is a special and unique place to be away from reality for a minute or two or more even though We share our personal thougohts and feelings from day to day and what happened to us in real life. This is our place to escape to and that’s great.

Tonight, again ordering pizza for supper, I had gotten my pizza with an attitude. The driver, a young kid, had an attitude when he came up to give me my pizza. Honestly, I felt that I did not owe him one penny of my money for the pizza with his attitude. He knocked at my door. I handed him my money and asked him if the amount was correct and he practically shoved the pizza into my hands, counted the money, and walked away. He did not even tell me the amount of the pizza, what size the pizza was or what was on it that I had asked for, and didi not even answer my question to the correct amount. Honestly I thought he was rude and nasty so I called Dominoes and complained to the manager about the situation and I learned…get this…that the kid who delivered my pizza did have an attitude and I did not do anything wrong to get such an attitude. The kid himself had an unprofessional attitude. I hope I never see this kid at my door again when I order pizza from Dominoes again. I will not stop ordering from Dominoes though. Their Dots, a donut like sweet is so good and highly recommended for eating.

Right now I am listening to The System on Court TV and it sounds like a good hourly program. “For Better or For Worse” is the title of the hourly story. I doubt it very much, though, I will be able to stay up late to watch the whole thing since I am so tired. The story sounds so good and worth the watch as long as I am awake. I am going to go for now and write later. Anyway Emilee is getting too close to my water glass, LOL See you later…

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