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I have found the time to write tonight just before 8 p.m.. It has been a wonderful day all day long even though it has been very cold the past couple of days. I tried calling my friend Janie this afternoon and found that her telephone is being checked for trouble and it is a working number and for me to call back later. What a bummer. I know that really means her number has been disconnected for reasons her phone not being available at the moment. Her life right now is in a rocky situation financially. We need to pray for her. She has been physically unable to do some things without having a lot of pain in her joints do to arthritis and such. Please pray for her. I am usually not here on Sabbath time but I am in need to write something for the night before retiring for the night. I have had a good week at school and now my school week is over with for two days. A weekend free. YES! I can takek this time and take a break from studying until after sundown tomorrow evening about 5 p.m. My mind is on schoolwork even to thisi moment, LOL No wonder my brain is tired out so early in the afternoon early evening, LOL

As I sit here typing my entry for the night I have looked down at my keyboard and noticed that the D on the key is fading away. Good thing I know the keys on the keyboard. I have used this keyboard to its full potential for the past year and two months now. I am beginning to see the N wearing off its key too. I am so rough with my things! LOL As long as my keyboard is working and my computer is fine, why get something new when it does not need to be replaced.

I need to go for now. Good night!

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