A Brief Moment Remembering Nell Carter…Who’s Next?

When I was ten years old I watched the show, “Gimme a Break” which starred Nell Carter and Dolph Sweet. Dolph Sweet died while the show was still airing on television and now we have lost another fine actress to death Nell Carter. I really enjoyed Nell Carter’s acting, love for children, and her fight with diabetes was amazing. Now she is gone. I found her death a shock this evening as I listened to the news on the computer here a few momens ago. My mouth was practically open letting the flies in and I did not know what to think of the sudden shock. Nell Carter was not a part of my life in any personal way except on my television in the living room every week while “Gimme a Break” was on television. I even watched the syndications that followed afterwards when it went off the air. Juat remembering such a fine actress, comedian, singer is all I need to have her remembered for the years to come. Now I wonder who is next in line to go? That is almost a scary thought but in reality we have no control over what happens in one’s life even our own even though we do create our own destinies that have us in play right now.

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