No More Running Toilet!

Up until last night my toilet was constantly running – making its noise as if Casper the Friendly Ghost was visiting my home and staying uninvited. The maintance man did everything he could do to fix the toliet from running three weeks ago but it was all trial and error. Even the outside manager from Milton came by to check it out but it did not work either. The toilet still ran constantly every five minutes for five seconds. Nellie Mom, as a manager taking care of a tenant problem, called someone who could possibly help fix the situation, and this someone did come and take a look. As he looked that the toilet, he told me what was wrong and why the toilet was running often, and said that the flap needed to be replaced and the flap put in was not the right flap in the first place. Later the “plumber” came back with a new flap and put it in and it fixed the problem almost immediately but it did do some running for a couple of hours on top of the hour but now it is fixed and my toilet is now silent and Casper left – FINALLY! Casper may be a friendly ghost but his welcome was becoming annoying and unwelcome.

My dinner will be here shortly so I will go for now. More later…I will be back then since it iS Saturday night.

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