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I have a lot to say tonight. A lot of things have come in mind and one of them is about car radios. Okay, you might think I am nuts writing my thoughts about car radios but hwen a student at school was being picked up, the car radio could be heard from the outside so when the car door was opened, it was so loud and muffled. How could a person stand being in a closed in car with a radio blaring in their ears. What about the necessary noises needed to be heard on the road? I personally think that there should be a law prohibiting loud car radios blaring twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I can not stand having my radio through my headphones if it too loud. Don’t people realize that loud music can damage hearing? I have a vibrating ear because of playing music too loud tbrough headphones. I’ve learned my lesson on this subject.

This morning when I got to the school and had a quick bite to eat for breakfast…which was not too healthy…of chocolate pudding and water, a “friend” asked if I could buy her breakfast on my lunch ticket. I did not feel very comfortable about it because I have been used many times before and I was not going to allow such to happen again in this life of mine. I do not think this friend was too happy but what can I do? I was not going to give in. I have so much left on my ticket anyway and that is why I Had pudding for breakfast. Anyway, I did have a turkey dinner for lunch and it sure did taste real good! Having lunch at school today was the first time I ate a full, solid meal since I had gotten sick on Thursday.

Here I am in training – retraining myself – to use what fingers I can use to type the right keys. It is definitely a challenge and a constant reminder as I still find myself going off track here and there. I love this training. It is a big challenge worth working on. I deal with obstacles all the time! WOW!!

I had a very good day even though it dealt with a lot of work today. Tomorrow I deal with studying Oral Communications, Keyboarding class, and workinng on some vocabulary words for College Reading. I do have only keyboarding to go to domorrow, though.

I need to go to bed soon so I am going to sign off here for now. Good night and more tomorrow.

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