What’s Next??

Last night I began writing about some things that have been on my mind from that day, and today I am feeling I need to write about something that yet just drives me bananas at times and that is people in general. I run into different people all the time so there is no room figuring them out. Some people are not happy with their lives and then there are those who are happy with their lives. I feel like I am caught in the middle in such a dilemma because I am happy and not happy at the same time. Where I live, there are people who you do not want to hang around with and those who you do hang around with. I am at a point in my life where I prefer to be away from the building during the day and then come home and lock myself in my apartment and socialize with only my friends. I do have five friends in the building so I am not alone there thankfully! I do not find the place always quiet but when I do, it is fantastic. When I get home from school, I find myself tired enough to care about socialization witn certain tenants. I’d rather lock my door to the outside world and keep to myself most of the time and I have been doing that lately – a lot lately. Oh well…that’s life. What a life I live tnese days. It can be very confusing and interesting…can’t it? YES INDEED! LOL

A lot of sickness has been going around me lately. I figure that I had the stomach flu last week and the building I live in has everyone sick with something. The manager of the building has been sick since after Christmas and she is getting worn out from being sick so long. A few tenants – not all of us – have been in their apartments throwing up and having the diarreah lately. It’s horrible. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a hospital more than a safe apartment complex. Some tenants think, but they will not get that wish, that the apartment complex is for tbe elderly and the young ones should not be there. The young ones meaning myself and a couple of others. Happiness can not be found unless you are in your own place minding your own business and even then a tenant thinks he or she knows your business on the other side of the door! I find happiness in my place, away from the building, and at school mostly. I do not like the little group of people who sit in the community room talking about this or that because it is always about their displeasure about this and that of the other tenants, what is being done and not done, their aches and pains and problems. It is stupid and rediculous…honestly,

I do not usually talk about the place I live at because it is depressing as it is just writing about it. Today is not really an exception but something needed to be taken off my mind today before it ate me alive into a frenzy. What is next?

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