Thank You For Your Condolences

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank all of you for your condolences, prayers, and kind thoughts during this time. I took the day off of school and did not open one textbook to study but I did take the time to work on my Grandpa Clarence’s web page and yet it is not done but a good start on it. You may go to take a look if you would like to. I got the rest I needed even though sleep was not involved. I stayed in my jammies and worked on the computer and talked to friends and family on the phone. I have yet not had a good cry but have been crying off and on in short spurts. There will be a memorial service for him in Wisconsin here for family and friends who want or can attend. Then Grandpa Clarence will be taken up north to Redgranite, WI to be buried next to Grandma Fox who died in October of 1997. I do have to admit two things. I miss Grandpa Clarence very much but I am happy he is not suffering or in any pain anymore. Grandpa Clarence’s death was a shock even though he has been dying for five years mentally with Alzheimer’s Disease. Thank you all, once again, for your condolences, prayers, and kind thoughts.

Lovingly, Kristi K

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