I was on Yahoo Messager a few minutes ago and had to get off because there was this one guy wanted to do something disgusting. I do not think I need to tell anyone exactly what this guy wanted to give as sex was going to be invoklved. Why are people allowed on the Internet to do this stuff?! It is awful. I will never give anyone any sexual favors for their wants or needs. I am not seeing anyone right now and I am keeping myself bssy with school and my life with friends annd family and there is no room for a significant other or boyfriend. I will not even go on a date right now because usually dates lead to relationships beyond friendship and I do not want anything beyond friendship right now. Anyway, I have a list of what a good man is for a woman and believe me no man has qualified yet. Being single is fantastic and beautiful. I am thirty-two years old and my want to have a man in my life is not important enough like friendships, God, school, and my kitty (cat) Emilee Cuddles Karnopp. Some people are just gross!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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