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I did not get a chance to write in my school journal today because of time. I had gotten to school a little before 9 a.m. this morning and by the time I got to College Reading at 9 a.m., I did not get to the room until 8:55 a.m. and I had to print out some homework for that very class. Anyway, I had a good day today – actually a great day. I am now done with Keyboarding this senester. I got an A for that class as of today and so I do not have to go to class tomorrow so I am taking the day off. Is it going to be another pajama day? I have no clue…I do have to return back to school on Friday for Oral Communications at 10 a.m. and then I am on Spring Break next week. In ways I do not want to have Spring Break but I am going to see day by day and see how I feel. I do know, with the A in Keyboarding and the midterm grade of a B in Oral Communications, I have reached one of my goals. More another day. Bye!

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