A Lazy One

It surely has been a lazy day for me. I am thinking of taking a bath in a few minutes after Matlock is done. I had company for a few minutes but he did not stay very long. Actually I did not want any company at all today unless it was important. I had most of the day alone with Emilee, the computer, and the television. I wanted to take a nap but decided against it when I loked at the time. Kolchak, the Night Stalker was on the SCI-Fi channel so I watched the little marathon even though I have seen ALL the programs a few years ago or so. My television was on ALL night long because I had fallen asleep on the couch. What a life I live all night long. I was afraid to sleep in my bedroom in bed because I thought I had an eye infection and I wanted to keep on top of it last night. I had intentions to go to sleep though. Speaking of sleep, I did sleep well last night given the place – on couch – where I did sleep. It surely has been a lazy day. Time to go and take a bath. Later…hopefully.

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